Scholastic Intervention Solutions

About Us

Scholastic Intervention Solutions offers school districts s a cost reducing autism therapy program while improving education.Overview

School districts are finding it more and more difficult to provide an appropriate and effective education for children in special education, specifically children with autism. They face a crushing convergence of higher costs; federal and state legal mandates; a shortage of experience, educational requirements; a shifting population of children with autism (from community to community); and the necessity to track progress and deliver meaningful outcomes. As a result, school districts and teachers have found it impossible to meet the financial and logistical burden today, and plan with certainty for the future.

Scholastic Interventions Advantage

Scholastic Intervention Solutions, LLC endeavors to confront these demands by offering existing educators in the public and private sectors, a fully supported ABA program to manage and navigate all the core operations of the Autism ABA Program Continuum.

More. Better. For Less.

Scholastic Intervention Solutions leverages modern technology to provide school districts a scalable infrastructure with a turn-key suite of tools and support services that manages the fundamental operations of a districts ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Autism program including: administrative functionality, educational materials, and support services. By integrating best-of-breed software solutions, Scholastic Intervention Solutions provides the following capabilities: child assessments, IEP and program development, teacher educational materials, support and oversight that is aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

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