July 28, 2015

ABA Curriculum and Program Development

Our software platform includes a full suite of lessons available online, allowing an educator to follow the program automatically generated from the assessment and to add other lessons as they see fit. Every lesson includes objectives, teaching steps, exercises, error correction steps, a troubleshooting guide, and helpful hints. They Cover all key areas: Pre-academic, Academic,Social/Emotional, Daily Living, Motor Skills, Play/Leisure, Expressive Language And Receptive Language, etc.The curriculum and programs we utilize are based on that which time and continuous research has proven most effective in the treatment of autism and learning disadvantaged children: Applied Behavior Analysis(ABA). Supported by over 50 years of research,interventions based on ABA have the MOST scientific evidence supporting their effectiveness.

We are constantly on the look out for new Curriculum and Program Development tools to add to our arsenal and will be sure to announce and post in this section any new additions as soon as they become available…